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My Daily Choice / HempWorx Business Overview Call 
Timing - Find out why people are flocking to HempWorx. Listen to our company's March 8, 2018 recorded opportunity overview call.
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How To Get Started

Timing isn't everything, but it's right up there with: Marketing the right product... 2.) Representing the right company/ownership, and... 3.) Being rewarded with the right compensation model. When all are present, Timing can be the difference between a profitable home business, and a VERY lucrative home business. Your Timing with MDC/HempWorx could not be better.

If you listened to our opportunity overview call above, and you're ready to get started either as a HempWorx customer, or as a new MDC home-based affiliate, click the Get Started banner directly below to access my MDC personal corporate website.

When my MDC web page opens, click the Register link near the top. Next, select either our Customer or Affiliate option; Create your account, and make your product selection. It's that easy. If you want to earn an income with us, there is a one-time $20 affiliate registration fee when placing your product order.

My Daily Choice Business In A Box - Your One-time $20 affiliate registration includes websites and landing pages; an affiliate back office for managing and tracking your business; and a Starter Kit (mailed to you). Our mobile app is provided through a third party vendor and is optional (recommended). These resources are in addition to the Free marketing system, tools, training, and online support provided by our personal HempWorx team.

We'll also show you 5 free things you can do online to enroll new HempWorx customers or affiliates, that our team members are already doing successfully. No Experience Needed.

My Daily Choice opened for business in 2014. Its corporate headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada (Stability & Infrastructure). Our HempWorx CBD product line was just introduced in June of 2017 (Timing).

Compensation Rewards

In addition to: 1.) Weekly fast start commissions and fast start overrides... 2.) Weekly retail commissions and retail overrides; 3.) Monthly matching bonuses; 4.) Monthly team commissions; 5.) Monthly global bonus pool shares; 6.) Monthly car bonus program; 7.) and Monthly expense account...  There are also lucrative one-time rank advancement rewards you can earn.

*Save $20.00 Per Product When Purchasing A Four Pack. Money Back Guarantee

More Information? If we've piqued your interested, but you want more details on our home business and our products before making a decision, click on the Discover More button directly below.

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