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Not All CBD Oil Is Created Equal

I'll be blunt. Some companies are not only selling CBD Oil that's pure garbage... Some are selling products that are outright dangerous.

It's not just that some companies are selling CBD Oil that contains no CBD... It's what testing labs are also finding in some brands: Things like Ethanol, dangerous E.Coli, and almost 3% THC (not the approved 0.03% THC), enough THC to get an adult or child high for an extended period of time!

If a seller of CBD Oil can't, won't, or doesn't provide you with public access to review their reputable Third party testing and analysis BEFORE you buy... This is A Red Flag. Do Your Home Work BEFORE YOU BUY CBD Oil.

I don't know if HempWorx is the best Hemp extracted CBD Oil available, but you can be confident that what's on the label, is what you're getting in the bottle.

Every batch of HempWorx CBD Oil is tested and analyzed by independent third parties to let our customers know that what our label says is in the bottle, is what you're purchasing.

Click Here to review HempWorx's third party documentation and analysis.

HempWorx, A Brand You Can Trust

Seal of Quality & Safety - The owners of HempWorx had the foresight and ethics to make sure that every batch of our CBD Oil is tested and analyzed by reputable third party entities to confirm what goes into our CBD Oil, matches the label. You can view this information by accessing the Documentation button near the top of the next page.

Our company's commitment to safety and quality was recently rewarded again when HempWorx was awarded One of the First 13 Certified Seals for Hemp Growers and Processors, by the US Hemp Authority.

WASHINGTON – March 1, 2019 – "The U.S. Hemp Authority today announced the first awards of its Certification Seal to 13 outstanding companies that have met the stringent standards the industry laid out for quality and safety..." You can read more here.



Looking For Relief?

HempWorx CBD may be able to help. We've received numerous reports from customers who found relief when using HempWorx CBD Oil.

Helps Improve Overall Health
Helps Maintain healthy Blood sugar Levels
Supports Optimal Cardiovascular Health
Helps Improve Chronic Joint Discomfort
Helps Support Healthy Weight Loss
Helps With Occasional Sleepiness or Poor Sleep
Supports Healthy Skin
Promotes Healthy Digestion
Maintains Healthy immune Functions
Supports Healthy Energy Levels
Helps Maintain Normal and Stable Mood

**CBD extracted from industrial Hemp is different than the CBD found in medicinal marijuana because there is only a trace amount of THC in industrial Hemp (less than 0.3 percent by dry weight). It doesn't make you high... And its potential benefits, as reported by many customers, have been nothing short of amazing.

Watch This Video, And Discover The HempWorx Line of CBD Products.

HempWorx Products 2019 - Watch Video

Meet (MDC) My Daily Choice HempWorx

The company was founded in September, 2014. MDC launched its HempWorx division and CBD product line in June, 2017. Watch this short video tour of our headquarters and distribution facility.

Be Careful - Don't Believe The Hype

All CBD products are not created equal. There will always be companies jumping on the bandwagon, looking for a fast profit at the expense of quality, safety, and purity.

 A study recently published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that nearly 70% of CDB products sold online are mislabeled!

Translation? What was on the label didn't match what consumers were getting in the bottle! The owners of HempWorx had the foresight and integrity to make sure that our CBD Oil is tested and analyzed by reputable third party entities to confirm that what went into every batch of our CBD Oil, matched the label.

Take a look at the image directly below. Our HempWorx CBD Oil is the one on the right. A competitor's oil is on the left. If quality, purity and efficacy are important to you, which one would you take? Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words.

So, how does HempWorx compare to other CBD brands? Do your homework! Not all CBD Oil is the same. Click on the banner directly below for a comparison chart of HempWorx CBD Oil and a few popular brands.


*Save $20.00 Per Product When Purchasing A Four Pack. 30 Day, Money Back Guarantee. Full Spectrum or THC FREE CBD Oil Available - 100% Organic, No Fillers

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How Does CBD Work In The Human Body?

Watch this short 3 minute video on CBD Oil and your body's ECS (Endocannabinoid system).

  Call Us Directly To Order, or With Your Questions.

  Call Us Directly To Order, or With Your Questions.

Interested, But You'd Like More Information?

Click on the banner directly below, and watch this unsolicited video interview with Dr. Allan Zubkin MD, as he talks about HempWorx CBD Oil.

Ordering Options

You have three great options when ordering our HempWorx CBD products:

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*NOTE: If you're ordering our HempWorx sample pack, which includes our THC Free CBD Oil (Isolate), please click here & review this page first on the difference between THC Free CBD Oil and Full Spectrum CBD Oil (Our most popular choice).

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